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Morgantown Pony Baseball League – Pony Division

Morgantown Pony Baseball League – Pony Division Pony League Games will be played according to the 2020 Major League Baseball Rules & Regulations book except, when modified by the 2020 Pony League Baseball Rules & Regulations Book, applicable to the Pony League, as modified by the following rules:

1.Rules and Regulations will be used for the non-tournament play.

2.Pony League Teams will have up to eleven (11) players on the roster.

3.All Players will need to attend an evaluation session.

4.Players that sign up late (after evaluation) or do not attend the evaluation session will be placed on a Team after the coaches talk about the player or players in question.

5.All Managers and coaches need to attend a coach’s clinic and Spring Training.

6.A base runner shall slide at home plate in the event of a play on the base runner is being made and in the event the base runner has or may have contact with a fielder. Discretion to this rule shall rest with the umpire and shall not be applicable. In the event a base runner violates this rule the base runner shall be out.

7.A base runner shall not purposely collide with a fielder to attempt to dislodge the ball or take a fielder out of play except in the event the base runner shall be sliding into a base. In the event a base runner violates this rule the base runner is out.

8.A maximum number of players in the field at any one time shall be nine (9) players in the field, at least three (3) shall be in the outfield. The minimum number of players on the field shall be eight to start the game.

9.In the event a player shall leave a game early or shall be injured, then the place in the batting line-up of the player shall be skipped. Injured player must sit out that inning and can return the next inning.

10.A batter shall receive a warning for unintentionally throwing the bat in the first instance during a game. Upon occurrence of the second instance in the same game, the batter shall be out, the hit ball shall be dead, and all base runners shall return to their respective original bases as if the batter had struck out.

11.All players shall be dressed in uniform (hat, pants, shirt, and socks). All shirts shall be tucked into pants without exception. Violation of this rule will result in player not being allowed on the field.

12.In the event a team shall be ahead in the score after five (5) innings by ten (10) or more runs, the game shall be concluded upon the conclusion of the home team batting that inning.

13.No Limit on runs scored in a inning.

14.In the event a pitcher hits three (3) batters in a Game or inning, the pitcher shall be removed from the game as a pitcher.

15.Player's that are not in the starting lineup to start the Game, shall enter the Game the next inning. All players shall be in a rotation so that NO PLAYER will sit out two (2) innings in a row or every other inning. NOTE: The Pitchers are on The Pony Pitch count & it's up to the Coach on when those players will be removed from the pitching position in the Game.

16. The infield-fly rule shall apply.

17. Round Robin batting shall apply.

18. Base runners will be able to lead off from the base.

19. ***There shall be no head-first slides, except when returning to a base.  The runner shall be declared out if they slide head-first.***

20. Pitching: Pitchers are on the Pony Pitch Count Rule. Coach's must notify the Umpire when Pitcher is pitching to his last

batter due to the Pitch Count Max Total for the Day. Pitchers

being removed from the Game, the Pitch Count will determine

the Number of Days rest that player needs before Player is

able to Pitch in a Game.

21. Managers must report the pitchers # pitches in games to the Pony League Director. Games included:

exhibition, league play, & intra-season teams.

22. Call up players from the Bronco League will NOT be able to pitch and players playing in a call-up capacity

must bat last in the batting order.

23. No new inning shall begin after one hour and fifty minutes from the start of the game.  There will be no time limit in tournament games.

24. Speed-Up Rules

a. Catcher on base with two (2) outs shall have a pinch-runner, and that player will be the one

who made the last out.

b. When a batter enters the batter’s box and after the pitcher pitches the first pitch, the batter

must keep one foot in the batter’s box. If the batter steps out of the box, a strike will be called

by the home plate umpire. If the batter fouls off the pitch the batter may step out to rest him/

her self. (Early in the season it will be two (2) warnings per team before a strike will be called.)

25. Play-offs for the Pony Division will be determined by the Pony League Director. It will be either single or

double elimination tournament.

26. All star teams and Managers will be selected according to the Pony League Director.

27. Players/Coaches; Ejected from a Game will be Suspended for the very next Team's Game, including

Playoffs Games. Players/Coaches Ejected from Two(2) Games during the season will be Suspended for

the Next Three (3)Team's Games, including Playoffs & will be ineligible for the League All-Stars Team.

28. Please keep All Dugouts clean, Turn off all Lights & make sure all Gear is put away



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